Higher Than Plastic

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

Sending something to the sky that isn’t pollution. During the 2018 holiday, a Portuguese Airline Hi-Fly was doing its first test run for a plastic-free flight. This test run matters because its the start to reduce plastic waste in a different way. The test run took place in Portugal and landed in Brazil with over 16 repeat trail test flights. After the initial test run, they had made the destination out of portuagual including the following Lisbon, Oporto, Fortaleza, Recife, Maceió and Salvador

This number of repeat trails aimed them for success in being the first single-use plastic flights. Here are the facts according to HiFly ” 700 passengers participated in the experience and 300 gr of plastic saved per passenger”. That is expectional numbers because on average a plane takes on a lot of waste in order to accommodate everyone.

The Portuguese airline replaced plastic eating utensils with bamboo like cups, dishes, and spoons. The airline paid attention to details in the process even with the packaging salt and pepper shakers. HiFly composted alternatives which are typically made from recycled material this included bedding for the passengers on board and toothbrushes. individual butter pots and soft drink bottles were also switched for the passengers test flights to and from Brazil over the Christmas and New Year holiday period in 2018

Lastly, According to HiFly ““Our target of being plastic free by the end of the year seemed ambitious to many in our industry, but by believing in our project and working hard to make it happen, we can see that it is entirely achievable and our focus now will be to commit to our deadline.” Should we all hold ourselves accountable in plastic-free goals we want to achieve?

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