Join the sustabability ​party!

The very trend new way to get second hand clothes is on the beat. It combines what people like to do the most which is hanging out with their very trendy forward friends. With the mission in mind, clothing gear can be rotated throughout the group. What this is in reference to is the idea of clothing swaps. Let’s hop on the bandwagon!

We have evolved from thrift shops stores like GoodWill and the Salvation Army and other local stores perhaps in Brooklyn. Next was an online thrift social media platform like Depop, Dote, or Grailed. Lastly when have arrived to a new up and coming idea of evoloving two things the most people enjoy clothes and friends.

The aspect of throwing a party for friends will get them interested. Then just let your friends show up at your place and start trading clothes. Set some rules for the swap and send them ahead of time. These rules may consist of what size range is more suitable for everyone. The conditions the clothing are in is important. Also you can be more specific and set a theme and type of interest for all guest to bring.

In addition, you should have a range of clothing pieces each attendee should bring so that there a reasonable size of trades that can be made for everyone. Lastly, remember that your rules above all else should be even and fair maybe set up a lottery system in case multiple people want the same item. If your too lazy to throw a party and deal with the responsibility of cleaning up after house guests you have options. These options include searching online for clothing swaps in your area. While attending the new found clothing swap, you can bring a friend too. If hosting a party isn’t your type of scene you can always ditch everything mentioned and be a guest who enjoyed lovely appetizers and drinks .


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