Let Us Hold Hands

How can you get locally involved in New York City to create change? More specifically lets join forces with an activist in our own territory. In order to create more impact, we need to strike more gound locally while making a difference nationally.

Photo by Daniel Funes Fuentes on Unsplash

Try donating your time to do garbage pickup. On an everyday basis, New York City has a ton of garbage. People associate garbage clean up with criminals or for punishment. This stigma is entirely false because everyone of us can participate in saving our planet.

Did you ever think about looking at your local schools of farmer’s markets? Because recently there has been a spike in compost, for example, Red Hook has a community farm and you can always look online.

Being conscious about your environment by simply switching how you do things is a great start. Sneaker companies, for example like Nike and Adidas have an eco-friendly shoe. Try checking out local thrift stores and give back clothes you don’t want or just don’t fit anymore, for example, H&M lets you drop off clothes from any brand, and it does not matter about the condition to receive a voucher.

Switch your mindset to drive all results in being more aware of wastes that you produce. Not disposing of product the wrong way. See how removing and disposing of garbage improperly leaders. The real question to ask is pollution a joint effort?

Housing works

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