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Sustanabilty is gonna be apart of our daily routine weather we decide to join forces with the change or not. Some of the brand your familiar already has shifted to making step towards changing materials in order to combat with the environmental problem.

  • Patagonia
  • Levis
  • Everlane
  • Refermation
  • Stella McCartney

On a side note, sustainability isn’t limited to clothes. Apple made big strides last year by making a change to the material they would use when producing and manufacturing computers. The company went from using aluminum to recyclable material on the iPhone Xs and Xs max.

Materials that make clothing sustainable for the environment is the fibers used. Synthetic fabrics like polyester is man-made product and are not very natural. The methods used to grow cotton are toxic for the environment because of the toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Great fabrics are easy to produce and don’t consume a lot of toxic chemicals mostly used natural resources. The Eco fridenly materials are lined, hemp, bamboo, lyocell, Apalca, Organic Wool and silk.

Does shopping actually help the planet or make it worse over time? Comment down below any idea for furute sustanability clothing brands that could spark a new trend.

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