Could Climate Change End the World?

Could climate change be the end of everything? Three in four Americans think climate change will eventually lead to the extinction of humanity. In a study conducted by OnePoll over 2000 Americans were surveyed and climate anxiety seemed to be on the top of mind for nearly half of the participants. What’s more interesting is one in five millennials think climate change will trigger the end of the world in their lifetime. In climatic circumstances such as sea level rise or the temperature of earth warming up. Many feel climate change is their personal responsibility, especially for millennials. In fact, over 85% of millennials said they want to find ways to create less waste and are inspired to see how products can be made from recyclable items.

However, it is not safe to say with all the precautions and awareness regarding climate change will the effects of the change the trajectory in which the planet is heading. For example with sea level rise and global temperature warming up. Maybe the damage has been done. Yet there’s still hope and many millennials are at the forefront of living in a world without fossil fuel. Moreover, millennials want to live in a world with less waste. By having more sustainable options to choose from. Changing the behaviors of how people consume without causing great harm to the planet.

It’s an idealistic perspective many millennials have adopted to challenge industry, government, and people to stop and think about the effects of our misuse of natural resources. Although, we need such resources for our survival. Yet, it comes with a price in which we might not have enough time to change our old ways. It will be hard to change the efficient production of over 100 years; arguably, spawning our modern world. However, if we aren’t open to change and are stuck in our arrogant ways at creating energy, food, and shelter we might not be on this planet much longer!

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