The illnesses that manifest from breathing in PM 2.5

In a recent post ‘Air pollution is killing more people than cigarettes are’ I spoke about how air pollution is causing 8 million premature deaths around the world a year. In this post I will touch on exactly how pollution is manifesting in the human body and the diseases that we are dying from that are directly linked to pollution.

In Europe there are studies taking place that are linking cardiovascular and lung diseases to air pollution. Health related illness with the lung and heart linked to polluted air is causing many deaths globally each year. These deaths are caused by microscopic “PM 2.5” which are very tiny particles that become lodged into the lungs and enter the bloodstream. Cars like Ram and Mercedes Benz run on diesel fuel which are huge producers of particulate matter. Besides diesel fueled cars, industrial factories that burn fossil fuels and domestic heating are also large causes for PM 2.5 being emitted into the air. As theorized in the post mentioned earlier, ‘Air pollution is killing more people than cigarettes are’; the number of high premature deaths caused by air pollution is due to dense population and poor air quality. This is hypothesized by Professor Jos Lelieveld from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry.

It’s time to get honest about air pollution. Breathing bad air allows access of smaller particles to enter the blood stream which cause cardiovascular and/or lung problems and ultimately death. If we are coming to these understandings, then we must halt the producer of these particles as much as possible.

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