The Horrendous Pollution in China

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When we hear China, we most often think the phrase ‘made in China’. As we all know, a lot of our products and objects have that small tiny fine print, that says it somewhere on the item. China is well known for its big manufacturing factories that produce all sorts of products that every individual uses. However, with all those big factories companies there is a huge cost. The burning of coal and oil into China’s air, fossil fuels in large amounts creating clouds of just pure smoke as far as the eye can see. Making money, lots of it is one thing, but the question is how long can the Chinese last if they keep these big manufacturing companies around?

Big manufacturing companies is not the only issue in China causing toxic air for civilians. There is also air pollution coming from almost any other emission type you could think of. China is one of the biggest money makers of the world and the biggest populations in the world. It no wonder that the air pollution is so bad. These air pollutants can come from things like power generation or cars emissions. Even emssions made from regular residental and commerical buildings affect the air. Both a chemical called PM 2.5 and O3 combined with other air pollutants cause more ecnimcal lost, than econimic gain.

In China, some cities are higher in air pollution than others like Shanghai air quality being at a 124 on the PM 2.5 scale, the highest of the bunch. Then Sheyung air quality is the second highest at a PM 2.5 level being at 95, slightly half as much than Shanghai. Now thinking about this as a whole, when you thought your air quality was bad, China is so much worse. With high levels of PM 2.5 and o3 in the Chian air, life is unbearable. While others may use the face mask to be cute or for their sickness, allergies, China uses these masks to protect themselves from the smoggy air. However, with there being deaths is those face masks really the solution for Chinese air pollution?

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