Forest Life Begging to Survive: The Deforestation of their Homes

The Amazon, one of the most beautiful, largest forests in the world. Literally one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Yet, The Amazon is losing its value because its size is growing smaller each day. It is sad to say that this is happening, but at least 20% of the Amazon forest has lost its biodiversity. To emphasize this number more, WWF estimates that by 2030 at least 27% of such forest will be lost. The deforestation of the Amazon originally started when farmers cut down trees for food and their families. Fast forward a couple decades, individuals started to cut down trees for agriculture in large masses and industrial uses. Most of the Amazon forest lost is blame to Brazil taking 75% of the Amazon forest.

In the more recent years the Amazon deforestation has slightly decreased. However that does not stop various companies from illegally cutting down trees for their own need sand uses. Now, why does this matter? It matters because of many factors. One factor being the Amazon is a massive carbon dioxide inhaler, meaning if we are to continue destroying this forest, out air will become toxic to us. Another factor is the inhabits of the Amazon, like the plants, the animals and the indigenous people. When one continues to cut down these trees it causes such beings to struggle to live. This is all to say, the Amazon is so large and beneficial that one it is gone, it’s gone and we can longer have such a natural wonder again.

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